TL_ParkerMichael We’re happy to bring award winning author, T.L. Parker to the Everyday Author! We think that she will bring a unique success story to our pages. She has two novels out and a third in the works.  So without any more blather from me, here we go…

Ms. Parker please tell us who you are, how and why you decided to be an author and where you’re at right now in your career.

I am T.L. Parker, author of The Devil’s Graveyards and Superstitions. I have four wonderful children and an awesome husband who is my constant source of inspiration and support.

My writing career began a few years ago when I began losing sleep due to initial ideas for my first novel, The Devil’s Graveyards. After learning of the Earth’s Grid and the sixty-two equally spaced areas around the globe that hold extraordinary mysteries, I was passionate about turning my thoughts into words. My travels to Europe, Montreal, and Grenada gave me inspiration for some unique settings. Soon, fiction and truth combined to create this adventure thriller. In 2014, I released The Devil’s Graveyards as an eBook on Amazon.  My research for Superstitions was extremely interesting and shocking.  This thriller was released soon after my first.

Currently, I am working on my third novel! I am not divulging any information on this new book quite yet, but I am very excited to release it next November.

What was/is the hardest thing about balancing writing with everyday life and/or a day job?

Sometimes life happens! About a year ago, the world put some unexpected road blocks in my path.  Times have been extremely tough, and I had to put my writing career on hold for most of 2015 due to these unforeseen circumstances. Now I’m standing back up, prepared to fight back. I’m ready to show the world that when authors have ideas and a passion for writing, there’s nothing that can hold us back!

What is the one thing about your author career that not many people know about? 

Some people might not realize the amount of research I put into my books.  I feel this is the key to an interesting book! While researching my latest book, Superstitions, I was instantly intrigued by the numerous disappearances in the Superstition Mountains. Hikers are killed or simply vanish without a trace when they venture in these Arizona mountains, searching for the legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. I traveled to the Superstitions and visited with the locals who personally knew “Dutch Hunters” that had mysteriously vanished.  I parked my car at the trailhead where many of these victims parked without ever returning.  I followed their footsteps down the trail toward Weaver’s Needle. I wanted to experience what they experienced, but I knew better than to venture too far.  In fact, it spooked me to be there. My research into the secrets hidden in the mountains led me to a surprising location…the Smithsonian. I called the Smithsonian to discuss these findings, and you would be shocked by what they wouldn’t tell me!


Sign at the First Water Trailhead in the Superstition Mountains.

In the author bios that accompany your books and on your Amazon author page, there is mention that you are an award-winning author. Can you share what awards you have won? And did it make a difference in how you felt about writing?

Years before I started writing novels, I won an award for a short story competition hosted by the local university. Although it was not a prestigious award, it inspired me! It was the first ember on the fire.

Why did you choose to self-publish and will you continue to do so?

Publishing independently is working for me and I am enjoying it.  I don’t know what I will ultimately decide to do in the future.  The most important thing for me is being able to share my stories with others who will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Why did you choose to write in the genre that your stories are in?

I…[sic] continue to research earth’s greatest mysteries, bringing reality to these unbelievable facts, and making readers question everything they think they know.

Is the novel that you are currently working on in this same genre or are you planning on another direction?

I will continue to write thrillers even though they may all have different sub-genres (conspiracy theories or a touch of science fiction for instance).

What’s the single best piece of advice do you have for authors who can’t support themselves with their writing yet? What should they be focusing on?

Keep writing! Never give up.  Sometimes, the road to writing success can be long and rough, but it will be the authors who keep trying in the face of opposition who will succeed.

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