UPDATE: Since we originally wrote this post, we’ve discovered even more must-listen podcasts. See part two of this list here.

There’s a ton of great self publishing resources out there and one of my favorite ways to learn more and stay updated on the latest news is by listening to self publishing podcasts. If you’ve got a long commute or need something to listen to while you’re running, exercising or doing housework, you can’t beat them. Here’s a breakdown of the self publishing podcasts I listen to and a little bit about what you can expect from each. If you’re not interested in self-publishing, they all still provide lots of great news about writing, the book industry and book marketing — things that every author needs to know.

SPP LogoThe Self-Publishing Podcast
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The lowdown: This was the first podcast I started listening to and one of the longest running. Although I didn’t tune in until after I read Write. Publish. Repeat., I made sure to download all of the backlist episodes as well. The Self-Publishing Podcast is definitely NSFW, but Johnny, Sean and Dave really know their stuff. You’ll have to sit through 20-30 minutes of introductions (including some really awful, hilarious ad reads) before they get around to the topic, but the guys are always good for a laugh. In addition to sharing their own experiences, the Self-Publishing Podcast also has regular guest stars from the community. The show usually runs for just over an hour and you can watch it live on YouTube every Friday at 1 p.m. eastern.

CreativePennPodcastButton_240x2402The Creative Penn
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The lowdown: Joanna Penn, the host of the Creative Penn podcast has been in this business for quite a while and is always on the cutting edge when it comes to self-publishing strategies and tactics. She’s also released two great books: How to Market a Book and Business for Authors. Before becoming an indie author, Joanna started a number of different businesses and does an excellent job discussing the entrepreneurial side of self-publishing. Like the Self-Publishing Podcast, the Creative Penn features guest stars, many of which come from a traditional publishing background. If you’re serious about becoming an “authorpreneur” you’ll want to listen to the podcast and take advantage of all the great resources her website offers as well. Joanna usually does a 15-20 minute introduction where she gives industry news and personal author updates. Shows run between 50 minutes to 75 minutes. The Creative Penn airs episodes at least twice a month.

rsplogoRocking Self-Publishing
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The lowdown: Although I’ve only been listening for a couple of months (shame on me) I can’t get enough of Simon Whistler’s podcast. The thing I really love about Rocking Self-Publishing is that Simon interviews more “midlisters” than any other show. The result is a range of people from all over the self-publishing spectrum that offer unique views and great advice on their personal journeys as indie authors. Due to Simon’s interview process, you’ll have to listen to each author talk about their books before they get into tips, but I’ve picked up some great new reads because of it. Rocking Self-Publishing offers the most varied look at the industry and Simon’s newsletter provides even more resources. He also has a great book out:  Audiobooks for Indies. Episodes are audio only and usually stay right around an hour. Rocking Self-Publishing comes out every Thursday.

Sell More Books Show LogoThe Sell More Books Show
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The lowdown: I confess, I’ve only been listening to the Sell More Books Show for about a week (shame on me again), but I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve heard so far. Out of the four podcasts mentioned, the Sell More Books Show is the newest (only about a year in) and also the most unique format. Hosts Jim Kural and Bryan Cohen do a top five news list every week with the goal of packing as much content as possible into a 30-40 minute block of time. Self-publishers looking to get just the news without entertainment will appreciate their concise format. If you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest book-selling tactics, don’t miss this the podcast. The Sell More Books Show comes out every week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

What are your favorite writing and publishing podcasts? Let us know what we’re missing out on in the comments!

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