Let’s cut to the chase.

It seems like everyone today wants to be an author of some sorts.  Since the advent of Amazon’s KDP and the Kindle gold rush, indie authors and self-publishing services have sprung up like dandelions in a suburban yard.  Maybe it’s a revolution, maybe it’s just evolution. Either way, traditional or indie, books still have to be written and word counts must be reached. Starting out, learning  how and when to write can be challenge enough. If you’re going to self-publish, actually writing is only the tip of the iceberg, friend.

See, being serious about being indie means you’re more than an author. You’re also a marketer and a publisher and that’s only the beginning of the job description. (Even writers with traditional publishing goals need to know how to pitch and package their manuscripts.) For those of us who want to hand in our two week notice, self-publishing a book means more than submitting a first draft draped in a clipart cover onto KDP, Kobo or anywhere else.

There’s a lot of work to balance out: writing, marketing, blogging, social media… and the list goes on. For most of us, this is work we’re doing on top of the “day job” that pays the bills and feeds the face. It’s work we’re fitting in during the wee hours of the morning when the world is asleep, at lunch while the rest of the office is on break or late at night after the kids have gone to bed. Whether you’re working at a downtown office, a fast food restaurant, or as a stay at home parent, it can feel like there’s never enough hours in the day.

When you first start out, there’s literally a horde of information to sift through. Most of it is sound, but no matter how great the knowledge, education without application is worthless.  This is where your search for wisdom can become overwhelming. See, the majority of the best blogs and podcasts for the aspiring authors are run by folks who have already paid their dues and arrived. Although they give fantastic advice and offer themselves as  mentors to the community, sometimes it can be a challenge to incorporate their strategies when you’ve only got a couple of hours a day to build your author empire.

That’s where we come in. The Everyday Author is a blog  by and for working class authors who have yet to turn their writing into a full time gig. Make no mistake — our writing is a profession, not a hobby and we’ve set our sights on it paying the bills. Together with you, we’ll produce, curate and share the best advice in the self-publishing industry and then translate that content into strategies that work for the authorpreneur with limited time on their hands.

We’ll be sharing tips and advice on how to treat your writing like the profession it is, even when there’s bills to pay and life to work around. In addition to blogging and gathering great content,  The Everyday Author is also a forum for discussion and support amongst part-time authors.  Although we’re geared towards authorpreneurs, self-publishers and indies, The Everyday Author has something for anyone with dreams of writing for a living. Together, with a lot of hard, lonely work, a little obsession and a dash of luck, we’ll get there.

 Derek Alan Siddoway ( D_Sidd) always thought he wanted to be a paperback writer. Instead, he broke into the self-publishing world in 2013 when he realized there had to be a better use of his time than writing queries to agents. Converted by the fellowship of indie authors, he never looked back. Now, he’s the Founding Father of Undaunted Publishing, a hybrid publishing house combining the best of traditional and self publishing, and the author of Teutevar Saga, an epic/historical fantasy series with a “medieval western” twist. Learn more at derekalansiddoway.com